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Nail Plate replacement

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Partial replacement of the nail plate is a new method of foot care treatment that ensures not only the improvement of the aesthetic appearance, but also protects the nail bed. The partial replacement of the nail plate can be applied in various cases of damage to the plate, such as plate deformation caused by sports, cosmetic defects, incorrect growth of the toenail after it had been removed, in cases of slights mycosis (in collaboration with a dermatologist). It is possible to replace the missing nail; the result of this procedure lasts for about two weeks, or until the skin starts peeling. The glue used in this procedure is not toxic, the skin is not harmed and it is possible to glue the replacement back on if it should come off. The advantage of the nail replacement is that it is impossible to distinguish the replacement nail from the real thing.

The big toes are usually the most affected because that is where the fungal diseases often appear first. The toenail plate affected by the fungal disease is often yellowish in color and it easily breaks; the separation from the nail bed may also occur. The nail plate may be replaced only in case at least 1/3 of the nail is healthy. Treatment of missing nail is important so the nail bed will keep its natural shape which prevents ingrown or deformed nails in the future. The replacement nail also helps to get rid of the fungus, helps the nail to grow properly, and serves as the main nail function, which is protection of the toe. Regular instrumental pedicure assures that the problem is eventually eliminated.
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